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Chalice of Remembrance - We Love You~A Community for Those Left Behind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We Love You~A Community for Those Left Behind

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Chalice of Remembrance [Mar. 12th, 2007|07:08 am]
We Love You~A Community for Those Left Behind


I read about this in a daily meditations book called The Celtic Spirit. I thought to post about it here because I think it might be helpful.

The Chalice of Remembrance is usually done during a holiday, when grief seems to kick up a little bit more, but obviously can be done at any time. At a party or a gathering, get a photograph of your loved one and a cup or glass of some sort, and fill it with drink- the loved one's favorite drink, if possible. If not, anything will do, even water.

Each person at the gathering can take a sip of the drink, leaving enough for those who have not had a chance to drink yet, and speak a few words to the loved one. At the end of the gathering, there should be a little bit of the drink left. Leave it overnight with the photograph.

I tried this at Christmas, although I was really the only one who knew Lisa. It really helped me get through the holiday. I hope it's helpful to someone else, too.