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replies apreciated [Oct. 1st, 2006|02:12 pm]
We Love You~A Community for Those Left Behind
Hi! i had a very good friend of mine commit suicide in May. I'm wondering how ya'll think the media portrays suicide, If you could answer some of my questions that would be great!!! If there are any other sites you think might help me those would help too. THANKS!! :) ... If anyone would like to talk about anything else on the topic of suicide Im open for discussion, just message me.

1. Why are you involved in the issue of suicide, like experiences?

2. How do you get your news about it?

3. How does the news portray suicide differently than your experience?

4. What kind of misconceptions do you think people have about suicide?

5. Are there any specific news accounts that have struck you as extremely accurately or inaccurately about suicide and how can i find them?

6. How do you think suicide could be better covered?

[User Picture]From: luciferinchains
2006-10-06 04:06 am (UTC)
Hi, nrm.

First, I'd like to make a request of you, as the community maintainer. Please don't make duplicate posts. The first post you made would have been sufficient.

Second, I can only answer the fourth question for you: and that is that it shouldn't be talked about. As you know, probably, a loved one's suicide wreaks havoc over their friends and family. The grief is intense and profound; in my experience, much worse than an natural death, because this loved one made the CHOICE to not be in your life anymore. In the mind of a grief-stricken suicide survivor, their loved one abandoned them.

I hope that answer is okay for you.

Last, I noticed that you don't have any journal entries of your own; your journal has recently been created and you've only posted this request for replies in another community dealing with suicide.

If you need support in dealing with your friend's death, please, by all means, tell us your story. We're here to listen and help each other through these devestating times. However, that IS what we're here for, and ONLY what we're here for. You are more than welcome to post if you need support.

I encourage you to post about your experiences and feelings. Welcome.
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